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Optima Electric Yachts - Finalist in the Maritime UK Solent Awards 2023

18th August 2023

We are very excited to announce that Optima Electric Yachts (Optima Projects) have been selected as finalists in the Clean Maritime Innovator category of the Maritime UK Solent Awards 2023! Stuart Baker, Managing Director at Maritime UK Solent said: “Congratulations to Optima Projects who are a finalist in the Maritime UK Solent Awards 2023! The second year of the Maritime UK Solent Awards has seen a significant increase in the number of applicants, and this truly illustrates what an incredibly strong and thriving maritime sector we have here in the region. I am delighted to applaud these finalists, who are at the forefront of showcasing the Solent’s world-class maritime sector." 

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Optima Electric Yachts at Aqua superPower & Cowes Harbour Commission opening event 

26th July 2023

From the Press Release from Aqua superPower: "To support the momentous switch-on event, UK electric boat builders, Vita Yachts, RS Electric Boats, and Optima Electric Boats, offered test rides, showcasing their vessels' remarkable capabilities and innovative technology, and shedding light on the diverse commercial, leisure, and sports applications of their boats"

Full press release

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Optima Electric Yachts becomes the first 100% electric boat to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight 

12th June 2023

The Optima e10 became the first electric boat to make a non-stop circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight. 51 nautical miles (95km) in under 6 hours and only £20 to recharge. Comfortable, safe, quiet and sustainable.

Watch the full video here

Motorboat & Yachting Boat Review

21st June 2023

MBY editor Hugo Andreae takes a tour of the prototype Optima e10 electric yacht.

Read the full article here

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British Motoryacht Show 2023

11th-14th May 2023

A lovely sunny day full of interesting conversations at the British Motoryacht Show in Swanwick Marina. 


Thank you to Setag Yachts for allowing us to go up onto their boat to take some nice elevated photos of our Optima e10 prototype, and to everyone who came to say hello! 

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3rd Prize for Optima e10 at the South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show 2023

21st-23rd April 2023

Optima Electric Yachts made their public debut at MDL's South Coast and Green Tech Boat Show in April 2023 in Southampton. They were also voted 3rd in the Green Innovator of 2023 award. 


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Optima Electric Yachts - prototype Optima e10 launched

19th April 2023

A very exciting day at Optima Electric Yachts with the launch of our first prototype Optima e10 at Universal Marina on the Hamble River. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this happen and we are very excited for the next step of our journey!

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